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October 20, 2006

Alyssa's 2nd Commentary on Freud

Alyssa Roehmer
CompLit 240.004

“The right attitude is: “pour faire une omelette il faut casser des oeufs.” The patients themselves are easy to convince; and there are only too many opportunities of doing so in the course of the treatment” (Freud 42).

Freud says, “To make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.” Significantly, Freud discusses topics like sexuality and “cracks” the perfect “shell” below which society represses its thoughts. However, “breaking” eggs is a messy process. The shell often becomes completely smashed, and pieces may fall into the mixture. Freud’s analysis is also a somewhat messy process, because in the end, the treatment does fall apart.

Detectives and repairmen dismantle broken objects, find problems, and then put them back together. In the case of eggs, there is no way to put them back together. The mention of “eggs” is also interesting in the sense of a female “egg,” and the idea that patriarchal authority in society suppresses women’s rights.

Freud’s confidence in himself as an analyst is seen through his satisfaction in little victories, like “convincing” Dora that he ultimately knows her better than she knows herself. Freud refers to the patriarchal qualities of Dora’s father when he says, “‘…she had been virtually handed over to Herr K…as the price of tolerating the relations between her father and Frau K” (xvi). Yet, he himself demonstrates the overbearingly authoritative qualities that he denounces when he “convinces” (overpowers) Dora.

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