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October 20, 2006

Emma Morris - 2nd Freud Commentary

“But you told me yourself that your mother was engaged at seventeen and then waited two years for her husband. A daughter usually takes her mother’s love-story as her model. So you too wanted to wait for him, and you took it that he was waiting till you were grown up enough to be his wife. I imagine that this was a perfectly serious plan for the future in your eyes.” p. 99

This quotation comes at the end of the case history and subsequently the end of Dora’s treatment. Freud's analysis does not only apply Dora’s personal case study of hysteria; is also interesting that Freud fits romance, marriage and childbirth into a narrative story. Freud contends that Dora has internalized the shape of her mother’s sexual development with that of her own, and has placed herself in the same structural position as her mother. In this sense, Freud consigns a context on Dora’s linear progression of sexual identity. Although Dora longs to occupy a structural position analogous to her mother, she revolts against her mother. Finally, Freud configures Dora's case study in language of the romance genre - by fictionalizing Dora's sexual development, or rather fitting it into a fictionalized structure, he not only renders it more accessible, but renders sexual and other choices as fixed, as a kind of predestined structure.

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