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October 20, 2006

Monika's 2nd Quote Commentary of Frued

"Neurotics are dominated by the opposition between reality and phantasy. If what they long for most intensely in their phantasies is presented to them in reality, they none the less flee from it; and they abandon themselves to their phantasies most readily where they need no longer fear to see them realized." (pg 101)

This quote reveals Freud's insight in to Dora's hysteria. He thinks that the existence of a real "erotic demand" causes internal difficulties within the patient. The word flee reminds the reader of Dora's actions in the situation with Herr K.. Dora literally fleed from Herr K. just as she flees from some realities in her thoughts, especially about sexual matters. Fear of seeing their phantasies realized is an important part of a patient's conditions. Freud shows how important these concepts are to neurotics by using the word "dominated," which elicits a strong image in a reader's mind.

Posted by monikade at October 20, 2006 11:45 PM


Freud's idea that people flee from reality reminds me of the way Oedipus fleed from reality after he found out the truth about his birth. I agree with Monika that sexual matters can make people feel extra uncomfortable, especially because of the limitations society places on sexual expression. Perhaps if Oedipus and Dora would have been able to bring their sexual secrets to the surface without consequence, they might not have had to flee from reality.

Oedipus and Dora are similar in other ways as well. Oedipus and Dora were both in a sense "abandoned" by their parents. Also, Oedipus thought he was smarter than the average man just like Dora believes she is smarter than doctors. This raises the question of whether Oedipus and Dora both fleed from reality because of their similarities or because this sense of "fleeing" is an innate human characteristic.

Posted by: romie at October 23, 2006 05:28 PM

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