October 12, 2006

Julia's Freud quote commentary

Complit 240

"My expectations were by no means disappointed when this explaination of mine was met by Dora with a most emphatic negative". (page 51)

I think that this short phrase is a prime example of what I find so exasperating about Freud. He developed some very concrete theories about how the human mind works and reacts, which were and still are revolutionary and unique, and for this he is to be admired and respected. However, I believe that Freud became so convinced that his ideas were the only correct ones that he began twisting evidence to suit his particular theories, and ignoring any evidence that didn't fit into his previously constructed template.

Freud listens to Dora's descriptions of her experiences, and of course delves into what he believes is behind her feelings and symptoms- mostly repressed sexual feelings and memories. Dora of course denies these insinuations, but it doesn't deter Freud. In fact, as the line about says, he has "expectations" about Dora's case. He's formulated an idea of what he wants Dora's case to turn out as, and no evidence to the contrary is going to sway him from his path. For a man so celebrated for listening to his patients, Freud isn't doing too good of a job at this point.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having theories or opinions on something or someone, but it is necessary that those theories don't get in the way of actually gathering evidence from a patient. I think that Freud's entire account of Dora's case can be thrown into question from his evident bias towards himself and his ideas.

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