January 19, 2008

Ideas & Thoughts

I've been thinking about the class lately and I'm wondering how much of the actual learning of the applications is up to us. I'd prefer Prof. Moss to give us a run-down of Motion and others, but oh well.

I've also been thinking about what I could possibly do for a project. I really like the idea of using Motion and different moving images. I also think I want to play around with sound--get some famous quotes/authors/whatever and play different quotes from them interspersed throughout the video. I really want some Faulkner in there.

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January 15, 2008

Technology and Multimedia

What is technology?
That's pretty hard to answer for me, because technology has taken over everything and, I feel, is everywhere. Technology, for me, is anything that helps society/mankind move forward and progress, whether it be in agriculture, fashion, engineering, etc. Technology, also, is largely based in communications for me because for my generation the latest and most popular technologies deal with communication--iPhone, blogs, cell phones, palm pilots, etc.
Technology cannot ever be true communication in the sense that we are missing personal connections with people. I love the new technology that include video and pictures, because at least then we are able to physically SEE something rather than hear it or imagine it ourselves. Technology is not life, though. I do not need a gizmo that can do everything for me because I already have a computer, so why do I need it on my phone? I don't. I think our culture is increasingly too caught up in technology, me included. I can't imagine what I did before Google. That is sad, but true. Technology has become almost a negative term to me like industrialization was to Tolkien. I love all the new choices and possibilities we have now, but I wonder if we are focusing too much on what is happening next, instead of enjoying the now and being happy with it.

Necessity of Multimedia Approaches
I believe multimedia is essential. Different mediums are like different voices or points of view in a novel. The way a story is told affects the story and what we take from the story, so I think it is important to examine various ways of interpretation. How a film vs a photo vs a photoshop creation vs an audio object states the same message is fascinating to me. If changing one word in a sentence can change the entire meaning, the possibilities of different forms of media are amazing. It is necessary to learn as much as possible about a given text/thing before coming to a decision, which is why exploring different approaches are essential.

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January 13, 2008

First Impression

So this is my first blog ever. English 414 is definitely taking me to an area of the unexplored--blogs, poetry, technology included. I'm excited about the skills I'm going to acquire in this class, because I wish the university would offer more classes like this. How am I suppose to enter almost any given media field with just the "theory" I learn in my Comm classes? In English's case, I think there is more to publishing than just how well I can analyze Shakespeare or Hardy. This class is going to be good I can tell. It's a chance for me just to let loose and learn without the hassles of homework =) I've already started thinking about some ideas for my project and I think a video is the way I want to go. When I do more delving on google and learn a little bit more about what I'm actually supposed to be doing, I'll post my idea.

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