May 01, 2008

Final Project Progress Report

No work is ever truly finished. I cannot pretend that my artwork is an exception to this rule. I have completed some initial stages in its progress, but it will be modified more. It will have a frame chosen for it and it will be hung in a new location, it will travel with me when I move, and will be handed down to my children and their children, should it manage to withstand the test of time. It will gain meaning as more people have appreciated it and it becomes a more familiar part of my life. I have decided its ideal first location is my blog, where it will perch as a testimony to the headway into my soul that I have accomplished this semester.

The Archways of Perception

Inspired by love, passion, the earth, and Kieran the muse

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March 25, 2008

My Project as Lab

What happens when I take a piece of my own poetry and move it from a notebook page into the digital realm? It takes on new demensions of meaning. It is no longer just words on a page, but colored words shaped in a particular way. The page on which it is written is no longer located in my backpack, but in a public space available for many to see. The same poem can take on a completely new life by transforming forms, taking on new frames and morphing into new frontiers. Hail the benefits of technology!!

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March 01, 2008

The Simpson's Theory of the Universe

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February 19, 2008


The yin-yang represents a balance between opposite yet complimentary forces. Dichotomies can be seen everywhere and are in constant flux. Both sides are needed to create harmony. Life is a delicate balance between good/bad, light/dark, male/female, negative/positive etc. etc. etc... the list goes on forever.

Symmetry, patterns, order, pervade the universe. Who am I to break this fundamental rule. My project will be aimed at mimicking the profound depth of symmetry found all around us. This principle lies at the heart of all I consider sacred. Just like a crystalline structures in Supervision, the symmetry sometimes depends on the frame. My project goal is to take multiple photographs and overlay them in a way that reframes an ordinary object so as to bring out its symmetrical perfection in a way not normally perceived. More on this later....

My place in this delicate balance is to somehow reach a compromise between opposites. I don't know who said it, but it is true "in everything, moderation is key"

Is the cat there or not?
It seems to me that he both is and is not there. The cat doesn't exist at any one point in time, it exists at all points in time. The question of whether he is laying against the wall is impossible to answer because of flux.

Other examples of flux


A lava lamp

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It wasn't me, I was framed

So... this frame business has got me thinking...
Aren't frames omnipresent?
Can anything exist without a frame?

Even if an object or idea has not been intentionally framed by its creator, it will be framed by all those who view it. It will probably be framed in multiple ways, by people who view it in multiple ways.
Does any one object have a single frame, or does its frame consist of a set of all possible frames that are determined by the observers?

As I read Poems for the millennium and Tokyo Butter I can't help but think that my interpretation of the poems will be different than that of everyone else. I bring my own expectations to the metaphors and similes which lead to a personal interpretation of the words that are most likely extremely different from the original thoughts of the poet. Is that necessarily a bad thing even? Couldn't it be said that multiple meanings give a text more purpose. After all, great religious documents are often written in parables that are open to multiple interpretations. Every time a person goes back to the words, they afford new meaning, revealing another layer of their complexity. Maybe that is what makes them endure over time is the fact that their lessons are hidden, waiting to be discovered.

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February 09, 2008

Love is my Religion

I simultaneously find myself enamored with and terrified of this class. I have no knowledge of the computer programs that we will be using to make our projects, but at the same time I relish the chance to express myself and be creative.

Creativity is also somewhat terrifying to me, I love the feeling of expression, but it opens the door to my soul and exposes a part of me that others don't ordinarily see. I have a certain worldview and thought structure, but can anyone else relate? Will my very personal project make sense to anyone else?

Hopefully it will. Hopefully there are themes that underly our human experience that can be related to by all who participate in it, namely "Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love"

But aren't these concepts intangible and subjective? Do any two people ever experience the same emotion in the same way? I believe they do, I believe our common experiences are what makes humanity what it is, what bonds us to one another and the universe. I believe in the truth of beauty freedom and love. Where we find these things is subjective to each of us, the sheer panoply of places that they have been found leads me to believe that these concepts pervade everything and everyone.

What do you think?

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February 05, 2008

Mental Slavery

Advertisement has run amok!! Never before in the history of mankind have so many ads been placed in so many places. Television...magazines...billboards...stringcheese...sports stadiums...the internet.. everyday our minds are flooded with unsolicited input that clogs our mental processes. Advertisment=Mental Pollution. Free yourself from mental slavery!! Humanity Unite!! Reclaim your mind, refuse to conform, think for yourself.

They Say
You have "blank", You want "blank"
"blank" will make you happy
got "blank"?
"blank" will make you sexy
"blank" will solve your problems

I say
"blank" you!

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January 22, 2008

Mr. Emoto's Wacky Water

Scientific evidence that the power of the mind effects crystalline structure of frozen water droplets.

Mr. Emoto's "Lessons From Water"

If humans are ~70% water, how much do our thoughts affect our nature?

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January 13, 2008

The Marriage of Science and Religion

Youtube Videos on cymatics. They make the patterned nature of sound waves visible.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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January 09, 2008

One of my posters that reminds me of the patterns Professor Moss was talking about

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January 08, 2008

First day of class

Prior - Excited, nervous, unsure, hopeful, interested.

Post - Excited, stoked, inspired, anxious to get started

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