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January 25, 2007

Kelly socks collection

Katie Jacquez
Section 7
Nick Tobier
Sentimental Objects
Two years ago I began dating my boyfriend. Since we have known each other we have each kept objects that reflect our affection towards one another such as notes, ticket stubs, and cheap toys. The centerpiece in this assortment of objects however is a rose that I gave to him a week after we began dating. It was a celebratory gift after his discharge from the hospital following an accident. Six months later I received a shadow box containing the rose and the only existing photo of us for my nineteenth birthday. Once pink, it now lies withered and colorless next to a black and white photograph above my bed.
Two years ago the rose represented a get-well wish. Now – lying inside a shadow box - it represents a passage of time and events. None of the objects that I have kept from my relationship can be organized according to color or shape but belong to this collection through emotion. My “relationship collection? reminds me of what has transpired in the past two years and partially serves as a learning tool. Other collections – for example the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - can evoke similar floods emotions when an individual comes in contact with objects that pertain to this historical occurrence. Some have argued that the USHMM should not exist due to the pangs of anger and deep sorrow that viewers feel when in contact with these objects, but these emotions – and other collections of “emotional objects? are integral for society to understand the events and their affect on individuals and communities.

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