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September 30, 2011

Scientists Find New Information on Black Holes

The Hubble Space Telescope has found new information regarding turbulent black holes. Scientists have found large sections of gas moving away from the black hole and a corona of hot gas hovering around the perimeter of the black hole, which seem to be falling into the black hole. The galaxy Markarian 509, or otherwise know as Mrk 509, is where the black hole is located. Scientists were able to come to this conclusion, due to the advances in technology. Although they were able to capture footage of the hole in 2007, it did not give any profound evidence as it was just an image projection. It was not until recently were they able to use multiple cameras to capture different wavelengths running from visible rays to gamma. The hole itself is about 300 million times the mass of the sun and it will only grow bigger due to its tendency to suck in more and more matter.

It's always interesting to garner more information on black holes, as it provides us insight on something that is completely unknown to us.

For pictures and more information on the article: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/science/turbulent-black-hole.html

The full research done by the scientists can be located here: http://www.sron.nl/

Posted by duymo at September 30, 2011 10:45 AM


I'm really interested in Black Hole. The first time I knew that Black hole is indeed exist in our universe, it was from Discovery and I was shocked. It is so exciting that scientists are getting more information on Black Hole

Posted by: zhengxi at September 30, 2011 09:20 PM

The first time that I knew Black Hole really exist, it was from Discovery. I was shocked by that fact. It is really exciting that scientists are getting more information about the Black Hole.

Posted by: zhengxi at September 30, 2011 09:22 PM

Its unbelievable that scientists can capture something that big!

Posted by: balerner at October 2, 2011 10:38 PM

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