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October 28, 2011

Evidence of icy bodies raining down in an alien solar system

NASA's telescope has detected evidence of icy bodies raining down in an alien solar system. The downpour closely resembles our solar system several billion years ago during a period of "Late Heavy Bombardment" This period brough water and other life-forming ingredients to Earth. During this time, comets and other frosty objects flung from the otuehr solar system pummeled othe inner planets. The telescope, Spitzer, has spotted a band of dust around a nearby bright star in the northern sky, Eta Corvi. Eta Corvi strongly matches the contents of an obliterated giant comet. Carey Lisse, senior research scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, thinks that Eta Corvi system should be studied in detail to learn more about the rain of impacting comets and other objects that may have started life on our own planet.

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