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October 28, 2011

New Primitive Body

As according to the European Space Agency (ESA) there has been a recent discovery regarding an asteroid called Lutetia. Scientists began their studies on Lutetia after discovering that this asteroid was the largest to be witnessed by a spacecraft. After speculation and comparative research scientists speculate that Lutetia may be an old primitive miniature world. Its old age was determined by the significant amount of craters on the surface of the asteroid. Additionally scientist have been able to compare the surface features of Lutetia to those of Earth, and they hypothesize that it was round when it formed. In contrast to these surface studies, scientists have also investigated the interior nature of this asteroid and they concluded that while Lutetia lacks an iron core it does however have one of the highest asteroid densities. The Lutetia asteroid is unique in many ways, and it has further contributed to our understanding of our solar system. It provides valuable information, for scientists now and in the future.
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I find this very interesting.

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