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December 29, 2010

Welcome to Astronomy 101 Web log

Welcome to the Astronomy 101 Web log. Active students in Astronomy 101 will be able to post and comment on recent astronomical science and discovery. Students are encouraged to post and discuss topics often and thoughtfully. If you hear about an astronomical discovery, blog about it here. Or keep an eye on APOD, NASA or the NOAO.

There are no rules other than professionalism, courtesy, and copyright respect. Please make sure your pictures are in the public domain (NASA and NOAO images are always in the public domain) and that proper citations are given.

The text of the posts and discussions (i.e. comments) should be your own. Cite properly and often. Plagiarism is grounds for immediate removal from the site.

Please note that this blog is visible to the public and that anyone with a U-M unique-name can comment.

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