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January 26, 2011

Reconnecting with Mar's Exploration Rover

On March 20th of 2010, Earth had its last communication with Spirit, an explorations rover sent to Mars. Spirit and it's twin rover, Opportunity, both assisted in finding evidence for wet environments on Mars in the past. Although Earth still has a communication connection with Opportunity, they have none with Spirit. NASA knows that Spirit lost two of it's six wheels, and so it is assumed that this effected its ability to tilt its solar panels to get solar energy. Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager, John Callas, comments in the article, saying that everyday there is an increased amount of solar energy, so these next few months are going to be vital in possibly reconnecting with Spirit. They are hoping to reconnect with Spirit before mid-March, which is when spring ends in this area of Mars, and the possibilities for Spirit to gain solar energy drop.

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