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January 26, 2011

Top Ten Hubble Space Telescope Images Voted By Viewers

When studying astronomy, you understand how far stars and universes are from Earth. So upon looking for interesting space news, i came across 10 images that the HST took which interested people upon first sight. The picture are not only amazing, but it also comes to show how technological advanced our society has come. Take the time to look at these pictures and read the captions under them. It will give you a good break from all that astro study, and you will learn some interesting facts in the process.

Here is the link:

Posted by kevinzoe at January 26, 2011 11:41 AM


Those images are unbelievable! I had to keep checking the opening paragraph to make sure they actually came from the Hubble Space Telescope and were not the creation of some computer savvy person. The first photo is just astounding. There is so much going on in the image, and just to know that it showed astronomers objects that were never seen before is very impressive. The second image is just beautiful, so it comes to no surprise that caption commented on how it as one of the most photographed objects in the sky. The image had incredible detail, and it is interesting to know that even amateurs can see it!

Posted by: ninagav at January 26, 2011 09:24 PM

These images provide a whole new perspective for me. I knew what some other galaxies looked like, but these images go beyond, showing pillars of gas and dust, and suns in other galaxies. As technology gets better and telescopes get bigger, I can't wait to see what new images emerge.

Posted by: elkinje at January 27, 2011 04:50 PM

I couldn't stop looking at the Sombrero Galaxy. It amazes me that it is a photograph, not a science fiction movie creation. The remnants of the supernova was also really amazing to look at, especially thinking about the fact that the event created a temporary "guest star." I wish I would have been able to see it, I'm sure it was an incredible sight.

Posted by: sophiamw at January 30, 2011 10:18 PM

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