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April 09, 2011

NASA Telescope Ferrets out Planet-Hunting Targets

This article actually ties in with what we did in discussion last week. It explains steps NASA is taking to find stars that could potentially be the center for new planets. With the current telescope technology, astronomers are focusing on bright, young stars that emit a lot of X-rays. But, now they want to focus more on dimmer newborn stars to see if planets have formed there. They have started to use UV telescopes to find the stars since they are too dim to find with conventional telescopes. The reason the astronomers are looking for this particular type of star is because their lack of brightness will allow astronomers to see the plants shine through. As of right now, the close-ups planets that they have been able to image are slightly fuzzy but are still full of information. It reflects what we learned in discussion with having billions of planets out there, and maybe one day we will find life.


Posted by emmatula at April 9, 2011 01:32 PM


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