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April 03, 2011

World's Largest Radio Telescope to be Built Could Reveal Important Information About Dark Matter

youtube video:

Production of the Square Kilometre Array(SKA) telescope is going to start soon and will be finished and operational by 2024.
This will be the largest radio telescope ever built. It will offer 50 times better sensitivity and 100 times better resolution than any radio telescope ever made.
It will be a network of about 3000 radio telescopes, each transmitting 20 GB of data a second, connected by a super computer.

SKA is expected to reveal information about dark matter, the creation of the universe, and possibly help us contact other intelligent life.

Posted by stoneswt at April 3, 2011 07:46 PM


Is this the same telescope that was posted about last month? The one that was to be built somewhere in Hawaii? The article wasn't clear. But this one sounds like its merely in the planning stages, not a completely solidified event.

All I remember is that that one was supposed to revolutionize the way in which we viewed our planet, and I believe it was also going to be the biggest of its kind.

The fact that scientists are looking to explore dark matter is interesting. From what I hear it's literally classified as 'dark matter' because it's a mysterious nothingness, but my knowledge on the topic is scarce. I don't remember, did the article say when this was supposed to be completed? Perhaps the date isn't set in stone. It sounds like a lot more planning an preparation needs to be done in order to put this task into motion. The building of a "yet undeveloped supercomputer"?? Sounds quite intricate. I'll be interested to see what they find, and if the findings arise in my lifetime.

Posted by: kailjoyb at April 4, 2011 02:39 AM

This is a different telescope than the TMT telescope being built in Hawaii.
This one operates in radio wavelengths rather than optical wavelengths.

They are picking between Africa and Australia to build SKA
The articles say that it should be built by about 2024.
The supercomputer needed to connect the network is being built. The amount of memory needed to store all of the data captured by SKA is very large but since computer memory is cheap it shouldn't be a major problem.

Both the TMT telescope in Hawaii and the SKA telescope will be the most powerful of their kind and will provide different, important information about the universe.

Posted by: stoneswt at April 4, 2011 12:24 PM

It baffles me every time I read about new technology. Only a few hundred years ago, telescopes didn't even exist, and now, engineers are creating objects like this. I really do hope they begin to learn significantly more about dark matter because I've heard the term tossed around so often, and yet, have no idea what it's all about. Maybe this is the telescope that could finally clear up my (and most people's) confusion.

Posted by: hartadam at April 5, 2011 05:13 PM

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