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February 19, 2008

Reflections on the Frame

Some questions to consider:

1) How many frames are allowed?
2) Does a frame need to enclose? Is it possible that the content within the frame can escape via loose boundaries?
3) Are frames seen differently by people? how many perspectives are allowed upon viewing or thinking about a frame?
4) Is a frame even necessary? Can an idea, thought, tangible object go without being surrounded by a frame?
5) What is the structure of the frame? Can something be framed without it being seen? Or is some sort of evidence (perhaps remnants) of the framing need to occur?
6) What happens when the content within a frame is unframed? Does the content get lost?
7) Can there be multiple frames surrounding one thing in layers? (i.e. a subystem of frames)

When I searched for ideas on the concept of the frame I realized that there are no rules that apply to what can be framed, what the frame might look like, and where the frame comes from and lives, etc. I hope these pictures can begin to justify some of these implications and maybe trigger some answers to a few of the questions I have posted above.

Posted by pbali at February 19, 2008 07:11 PM


In particular for me, origin of frame is intriguing; must perception frame? Can perception respond to what its intake though its various systems of intake through systems other than those that frame? Is an ability to form complex frames part of sound explanations for apparent human differences from other animals, other wildlife of the planet?

Can certain deficits or mental impairments be considered as impairments in framing systems? Is mathematics a framing system? Is set theory? Is comprehension a function of effective framing? Should strategies of framing be taught, regrouping as reframing so as to perceive what may be processed within the applied frame? So many made structures treat the rectangle as the basic frame --predisposition or this? despite the nonlinearity of structures of the human body, including --especially-- neural networks in the brain, presumably hosts of thinking and through hosting thinking, also sponsoring what gets made --within, often, literal rectangles. Spheres can be placed within cubes that can be held by spheres.

so much to consider here.

Posted by: thyliasm at March 11, 2008 11:49 AM

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