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April 23, 2008

Convergence of the Maze and Labyrinth

My exploration of mazes and labyrinths has only begun. I'd like to share some pieces that illustrate the early development of this exploration.

The first is an an investigation of the maze and labyrinth, and how one begins her journey on each of these paths. It was my goal to show how mazes have the ability to become labyrinths if the traveler faces the challenge of the maze by working through the difficult corners and dead ends. This is no easy task, but once it is taken on, the body of one's navigational difficulty transforms. Paths clear for one to arrive at his destination.

The second explores how poetry can be used as a system of navigation. It can also be seen in this form. Poetry becomes a valid way of reaching an understanding and at many times, a solution.

Posted by pbali at April 23, 2008 11:20 PM


This is a beautiful nudge, for it is guided, a how-to approach,

to acceptance of maze as a model for reconfiguring framing systems.

In these pieces, you demonstrate a shifting of authority from location to the one in a location,

the person, no, matter where in mazes of realities embedded through-out existence (one might think this tangible existence presumed to be the primary existence would be saturated with realities, but that is not the case --another time I'll explore why)

is in a center, a hub

so has access to multidirectional possibilities exemplified by the maze's compositional situation as lines, 2D paths when modeled on 2D planes

and so it is with a path that seems related to lines, but realities of paths are quite different, not flat at all;

to pursue a path is to enact realities of possibilities; multidimensionality emerges, and more access point to more paths that bifurcate into more multidimensioned places

this tends to occur within systems
which to be systems have had-have-will have-can have activity, which when it occurs tend to have a related somewhere that is a host to the activity

each host
each activity
each anything

also a center

so there is no being lost, when the traveler has authority and not location

for the traveler, in a center that moves with the traveler has access to radii from that center

to whatever multidirectionality is possible within the protocols of that reality system

including access to other reality systems.

Each path taken opens by the taking, by interactions which alter dimensionality, splitting, multiplying, twisting --something happens,

possibilities lead to more/other forms of possibility

and the traveler is always somewhere

and that somewhere is a center from which bifurcating systems can bifurcate

making mazes within mazes each step or swoop or bend or melt or crunch

Intricate and marvelous structures can result
--without over determining forms structures can take

for the nature of interactions is that acquisition, loss, exchange, influence, merger,
repulsion, attraction --some form of encounter will happen, and whatever that form, it isn't likely permanent
as interactions continue
on some scale in some location for some duration of time

While the promise is not specifics,
not rigidity that may be less able to adapt

in some configurations in which inability to compromise could lead to demise of sustained existence in that form,

the promise is movement, journey, exposure to more of what there is, a shifting of local to embrace more, the finding of meaningful extensions via connections that cannot happen between that which cannot connect

so if connection happens, connection is possible.
What is impossible does not happen.

When what has been presumed, even known to be impossible occurs, that event is no longer impossible.

Posted by: thyliasm at April 27, 2008 03:43 PM

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