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June 12, 2008

2008-2009 Rackham Graduate Student Fellowship

International: In coordination with the Graduate Student Services Assistant (GSSA) for International students, plan events to serve international graduate school students: practical life skills, cultural issues, social events; promote existing events & resources to the international student community. Develop events to encourage participation and interaction of international and domestic students.

Salary: $4,000, paid over 9 months
Rackham Graduate Fellows serve for one non-renewal academic/9-month term.
Deadline: June 13, Noon.

PROGRAM AREAS for Rackham Grad Fellows:
The Rackham Graduate Fellows work in collaboration with the staff of the Graduate Student Affairs office to enhance the quality of the social and cultural life of graduate and professional students. We seek creative people with good ideas about ways to collaborate with existing student groups to engage a diversity of graduate students in a variety of unique activities. Fellows are advised by Program Managers, Natalie Bartolacci and Lynne Shivers, with administrative supervision by the Director of Graduate Student Affairs, Darlene Ray-Johnson.

Each Fellow is appointed to a specific program area.
When you become a Rackham Grad Fellow, you commit to dedicating approximately 17 hours per month to Graduate Student Affairs programs and duties between September and May.

For 2008-09 applications are invited in two areas:
1) International - see above
2) Family - plan and coordinate activities, events and gatherings for graduate students with children; help to build community of support for grad parents; promote existing resources in the campus and Ann Arbor community. Send regular communications to the Students with Children Email group, and/or monitor communications on the Student Parent CTools site and Facebook Group.

• All enrolled University of Michigan Rackham graduate students in good standing for the 2008-2009 academic year, are eligible to apply (see restrictions below). Preference is given to Rackham students who are at least in the second year of their degree programs.
• Students with specific relevant skills and experience (e.g., event planning, experience working with diverse populations) are encouraged to apply.
• Fellows must be in residence in the local area during the period of employment.
• Rackham Graduate Fellows serve for one non-renewable academic year/9 month term.
Terms of Appointment & Compensation:
• Rackham Graduate Fellows for 2008-2009 will receive compensation of $4,000, paid over 9 months; payment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all duties.
• Fellows are classified as temporary employees and may receive payment in addition to any research, teaching or other fellowship they may hold, subject to Graduate School & University policies. Note that certain prize fellowships may restrict their holders from accepting other awards or performing other paid work. The compensation may affect certain need-based awards, such as student loans. Fellows are required to submit their time via Wolverine Access, as well as, complete and submit their hours to the Director of GSA.
• If appointed, 2008-09, Fellows must complete hiring paperwork in late August 2008. Fellows duties begin September 3, 2008.

General Responsibilities and Commitments:
• Plan, lead and evaluate 3-4 events and programs per semester.
• Extend outreach to attract a diversity of graduate students to each event.
• Develop a comprehensive schedule of programs/events with budget and submit a program worksheet in advance of each program.
• Maintain program records and evaluations.
• Publicize events, in consultation with the appropriate Program Manager, using e-mail, CTools, website, etc.
• Attend periodic individual program meetings with the Director and/or Program Managers.
• Attend all-Fellow meetings in September and March.
Selection Process:
• The selections of 2008-09 Fellows will be by Graduate Student Affairs staff.
• Interviews with top candidates will occur the week of June 23, 2008.
• We expect to appoint the 2008-09 Rackham Graduate Fellows by June 30, 2008.
• 2008-09 Rackham Graduate Fellows will begin service September 3, 2008.

To apply, complete the attached application:
Application for 2008-2009
Rackham Graduate Fellow

June 15, 2008, 12 pm

I am applying for a Rackham Graduate Fellow Position in the following program area(s) (check all that apply):
Family Fellow*
International Fellow*
Social Activities Fellow* (not available for ’08-’09)

*Position available to Rackham Graduate Students only


First/Given Name Last/Family Name:

Gender (optional):

Citizenship (optional):

Ethnicity (optional):


Department/School/Degree Program

Year of Study (in 2008-2009)

Degree level

Ph.D. precandidate
Ph.D candidate
Current Campus/Lab Address

Current Local Home Address

Expected Residence for 2008-09 (if different)

Email Address

Primary Contact Phone Number

Degree Program Activities for 2008-2009 (Check all that apply):

Studying for qualifying exams: Date of exams (in comments below)
Writing masters thesis/prediss paper: Date due (in comments below)
Writing prospectus: Date due (in comments below)
Dissertation research & writing: Stage/expected completion date (in comments below)
Job Search

Comments (use for dates of exams, etc. checked above)

Other academic responsibilities expected for 2008-2009 (check all that apply):

Research Assistant
Other _____________________________________________________

Fellowships/External Fellowships/need based awards applied for or awarded for 2008-09:

Major travel plans for 2008-09 (conferences, vacations, research trips, family obligations, if known):

List events or groups to which you have already committed to an active or leadership role in 2008-09:

List any other part time employment or regular volunteer activity planned for 2008-09 (place, hours/wk):


1. Please describe relevant undergraduate, University of Michigan and/or community events or groups in which you have actively participated. Describe your role and any events or programs planned.

Rackham Graduate Fellows are appointed in specific program areas (i.e., social, international, parents), please note how your experience is directly relevant or translatable to your application for a position as a Rackham Graduate Student Fellow in your particular program areas of interest. (Max 250 words):

2. What is an example of an event or activity that you would like to plan if you were a Rackham Graduate Student Fellow in a particular program area? Describe what you would do to prepare for it. Explain why the event would be important for the graduate student community. (Max 200 words)

Thank you for applying to be a 2008-09 Rackham Graduate Fellow. If selected for an interview, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

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