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June 27, 2008

2009-10 Fulbright Scholars in Hong Kong

Four to five Fulbright Scholars will work with Hong Kong institutions as they transition to a four-year curriculum in 2012.

Salary/Awards: Based on length of service, either 5 or 10 months with preference given to 10 month candidates.

Deadline: August 1 ,2008
Start Date: September 2009
Status: Open

Please allow me to alert you to some exciting 2009-10 Fulbright Scholar Program opportunities in Hong Kong that are different from the usual lecturing and research awards. Your assistance in bringing these awards to the attention of appropriate faculty and administrators will be much appreciated. The four to five Fulbright Scholars who receive these awards will work with Hong Kong institutions as they prepare for their transition from a three-year to a four-year curriculum in 2012. An important part of the preparatory work is the creation of the general education portion of that curriculum.

Applicants for the awards should be senior scholars in any discipline or scholar-administrators who have had experience developing, reviewing or evaluating general education curriculum and "first-year experience" programs.

In addition to having this experience, experience and expertise of interest includes work on faculty development in the area of teaching skills and assessment is also desirable.

The awards are five or ten months in length with a preference for candidates who are available for the academic year.

Applicants do NOT need letters of invitation. In fact, they are asked not to seek them.

While the majority of the grantees' work will be in consultant capacities, they will also be asked to teach one course in their academic specialization.

Full information about these awards can be found at http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/Bui9129.htm and an overview of the Hong Kong program can be found at http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/country/EasHonHK.htm. For your convenience I am including a description of the award below.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Interested faculty and administrators should also feel free to contact me directly.


David Adams

David B. J. Adams, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
Asia and the Pacific

Building General Education Curriculum in Hong Kong Universities
Award #9129
Category: Lecturing
Special Feature: Full-Maintenance Grant
Number of Awards: 5Deadline: August 1, 2008

Grant Activity: Teach one course in area of specialization.
Consult with colleagues and committees at the host university (and other Hong Kong universities) that have responsibility for developing general education programs and courses for the new 4-year undergraduate program to be implemented in 2012.

Participate in a team coordinated by the Hong Kong-America Center that will organize workshops in Hong Kong on general education.
Specialization(s): Applicants in a variety of disciplines are welcome.

Additional Qualifications: Experience, preferably in a leadership role, in development of university or college's general education curriculum or first-year program and in presenting faculty workshops on effective modes of teaching and learning.

Location: Grantees will be affiliated with the Hong Kong-America Center and one of the participating Hong Kong universities.

Length of Grant: 5 months or 10 months

Starting Date: September 2009. 10 months strongly preferred, but 5 months are possible in some cases. 5-month grants may start in September 2009 or January 2010.

Comments: The purpose of these awards is to assist Hong Kong universities in their preparations for replacing the current 3-year undergraduate program with a 4-year program that will include general education requirements in September 2012.

The major selection criterion for these awards will be the applicant's ability to contribute to the development of new general liberal arts courses that incorporate broad themes of Western and Asian society and culture that will equip Hong Kong students to enter productive civic and economic roles in the 21st century.

Faculty in all disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences as well as engineering, policy studies, business, law, the arts, etc. will be considered.

Applicants should have strong professional records and broad competence in their academic discipline. They should also have experience (preferably in a leadership role) on a college or university-wide committee that developed an exemplary general education curriculum for American undergraduates as well as experience in developing interdisciplinary courses and in organizing and presenting faculty workshops on effective modes of teaching and learning. Familiarity with curriculum alignment and online teaching strategies will be an advantage.

Applicants must be comfortable with active participation in a team coordinated by the Hong Kong-America Center that will be working with the Hong Kong universities. They should also be prepared to engage in a dialogue with their Hong Kong colleagues and write a paper for a published anthology on general education based on their experience in Hong Kong.

Please note that while the grant benefits for these awards will be comparable to those provided to other American lecturers to Hong Kong under the Fulbright Program, they will be paid in Hong Kong dollars and disbursed by the Hong Kong-America Center.

Staff: Assistant Director David B.J. Adams, 202.686.4021, dadams@cies.iie.org

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