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June 13, 2008

Journal of Georgraphic Information Sciences

Call for Papers:

A Special Issue
on the
Assessment of the Impacts of Wenchuan Earthquake

The "5.12 earthquake" in Sichuan, China has shocked China and the world. Many people are suffering from this tragedy.
This emerging event will have long-term impacts on the environment, population, economy and many other issues on China's future development.

To promote the applications of remote sensing, GIS and spatial modeling in Wechuan earthquake studies, we are planning to publish a special issue of Geographical Information Sciences (http://www.jlgis.cuhk.edu.hk/research/publications/jgis/issues.html) with a focus on "the Assessment of the Impacts of Wenchuan Earthquake?.

Please submit your full paper to china-paice@umich.edu before October 15, 2008 if you would like your paper to be considered for publication in this special issue.

All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed.
Please contact Dr. Shuming Bao at sbao@umich.edu or
(734)647-9610 if there is any question.



Shuming Bao, University of Michigan
Hui Lin, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Peng Gong, University of California at Berkeley

Appendix: Instruction to Contributors

1. Scope: The journal of Geographical Science will publish original research on the theory, methods, development and applications of geographic information systems, remote sensing, global positioning systems, and cartography. Brief papers on hardware and software design and associated codes are welcome. GIS-related news, highlight articles and commercial advertisements will also be published.

2. Manuscript Format: Use American Letter Sized or A4 white papers. Manuscripts must be double spaced and should normally not exceed 5000 words per manuscript in length. An abstract is limited in less than 150 words. Submission in digital form is welcome. List figure captions on a separate page and put figure number and author(s)' name(s) on the back of the figures. Color illustrations may be published with a charge to the author(s). SI units must be used. Citation of references in the text can be made either by a number index or by using the author(s) followed by a number index. The followings are two sample references:

[2] Fotheringham, A. S., and P.A. Rogerson, 1993. GIS and spatial analytical problems. International Journal of Geographical Information Systems, 7:3-19.

[10] Anselin, L., 1993. Discrete space autoregressive models. In Environmental Modeling With GIS, ed. M.F. Goodchild, B.O. Parks and T. Steyaert, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp454-469.

3. Manuscript Submission:
We prefer to receive your contribution as pdf file by email.

4.Paper copies must be submitted to

Dr. Shuming Bao
China Data Center
University of Michigan
Suite 3630, 1080 S University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106
Tel: (734)647-9610 Fax: (734)763-0335
Email: sbao@umich.edu

4. Review, Proofs and Offprints: Research and technical papers will be submitted to referees whose names will be kept confidential. The editors reserve the right on whether a paper should be accepted. Once a paper is accepted, proofs will be sent to the corresponding authors for checking. 25 offprints will be sent to the corresponding author when the paper is published.

5. The Geographical Information Sciences (ISSN 1082-4006) is published semiannually by CPGIS (Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographical Information Systems). For subscription, please contact: CPGIS, 151 Hilgard Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3110, USA, Telephone: 510 642-1351, Fax: 510 643-5098, Email: gong@nature.berkeley.edu

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