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September 25, 2008

Film Screening and Presentation: Re-working Citizenship

Michigan China Fellows (MCF) presents
Modern China Politics and Society Series
Kick-off Events:

A Saturday documentary film screening and Sunday presentation by Ai Xiaoming

AI XIAOMING is a renowned Chinese feminist and literary scholar. She has produced award-winning documentary films that focus on a range of crucial issues including political history and institutions, civil society and human rights. Her world-wide activism promotes fresh dialogue about grassroots politics involving collective identities and resistance of peasants, women, ethnic minorities, and those living with HIV/AID. She is a professor in Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Sun Yat-sen University, director of the Comparative Literature & World Literatures Section at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and programme leader of Sex/Gender Education Forum. Her works, among others, are Care and Love (《关爱之家》Medical/Human rights/Legal system), The Epic of Central Plains (《中原纪事》AIDS/Human rights/Legal system), Taishi Village (《太石?》Human rights/economic development/election system), Vagina Monlogues (《阴?独白》(Gender/Arts), and Red Arts (《为?命作画》Cultural Revolution/Arts).Attached please find the English and Chinese versions of a transcript for her interview made by the Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG) at UM as a part of the Global Feminisms Project.


Film Screening

Garden in Heaven 天堂花园
Saturday (Sep 27), 6:00 pm
Room D (third floor), Michigan League

Director, Xiaoming Ai 艾晓明 & Jie Hu 胡? (140 min,subtitles in English)
Food will be provided

This documentary tracks the case of Huang Jing (黄?), a victim of date rape, who was a primary school teacher in Xiangtan, Hunan province. The making of this documentary took place in a context of increased awareness of human rights, intensified struggle of women against judicial corruption and more action taken by women to fight against domestic violence. Starting with the solution to the Sun Zhigang Case, the film presents the difficulties the victim's mother encountered in taking the rape case to court, and the controversial issues raised during the campaign for Huang Jing. It also examines the representation of this case by the mainstream media and the impact produced by ordinary people's interventions through Internet. Through highlighting the effort of women's organizations and other NGO's in providing legal assistancy, the directors of this documentary record in it the debates on legal procedures, justice, and intellectuals' responsibilities, in a way to contribute to the ongoing discussion about the possibilities of a civil society in China.


Presentation and Discussion:
Re-Working Citizenship in China

Sunday (Sept 28), 2:00 pm
Room D (third floor),Michigan League

Working Language: Chinese
Refreshment will be provided
As a scholar and activist, Ai Xiaoming will share with us her observation and analysis of the development of grassroots politics and the possibilities for the growth of civil society in China especially since 2004 when the responsibility for the State to respect and protect human rights was written into the Constitution.

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