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September 23, 2008

Linda Lim, "Can Asia Save America from its Financial Troubles," 4PM, 9/26/08

Can Asia Save America from its Financial Troubles?

Michigan Economics Society Faculty Seminar Presented by:
Linda Lim, Professor of Strategy, Ross School of Business

*Active membership event for MES Club members

Date: September 26
Time: 4:00-5:30
Location: K1310 of the Ross School of Business

The protracted turmoil in global financial markets has highlighted the increasingly important role of Asian economies in these markets. Professor Lim will discuss the role of Asian current account surpluses in a "global savings glut" (Ben Bernanke) which arguably contributed to financial market excesses and asset bubbles in the U.S., examine the once-fashionable "decoupling" thesis which argued that Asian economies would not be hard-hit by a U.S. recession, and consider if exports to or capital inflow from Asia, including its sovereign wealth funds, might provide a way out of the current financial market meltdown and economic recession.

Professor Lim hails from Singapore, holds degrees in economics from the Universities of Cambridge (BA), Yale (MA) and Michigan (PhD), and taught international and development economics at Swarthmore College before returning to Michigan, where she teaches MBA courses on The World Economy and Business in Asia. Her research on international trade and investment, labor and business in Southeast Asia is currently focused on the globalization of Asian companies and regional economic linkages between China and Southeast Asia. She serves and has served on the boards of U.S. public companies with Asian operations, and of non-profit organizations such as The Asia Society. At Michigan, Professor Lim is affiliated with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, for which she has been Director, the Center for Chinese Studies, the Center for International Business Education, and the International Institute.

This talk and question-and-answer session will be held on Friday, September 26, in room K1310 of the Ross School of Business, 4-6 pm.

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