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October 09, 2008

Call for Papers: University of Toronto, Ninth Annual East Asia Conference 2009

Social Constructions Delineating Intellectual Realms, March 14, 2009

In what ways do the semiotics of social constructions in East Asian
societies impact the definition of intellectual spaces there? Our
conference seeks to challenge participants to critically evaluate
the implications of social transactions for academic discourse in East Asian contexts.

We invite papers that critically engage topics relevant to the issue
of defining intellectual space, particularly in the context of
negotiating with constructed realities.

Topics may include (though are not limited to) such issues as mediations of research and academic publications, conciliations of intellectual discourse with established institutions and conventions, the history of academic institutionalization and definition and perpetuation of class structures and other social identities as they relate to intellectual space in the East Asian context.

We invite all those interested in presenting papers to submit an abstract (300 words maximum) and brief biographical information by December 21st. We encourage submissions from both individuals and panels of three (panelists should send individual abstracts and a panel abstract). Please indicate whether you would like your completed paper to be considered for publication in the East Asian Forum journal published by graduate students of the East Asian Studies department at the University of Toronto. Selected participants should submit completed papers by February 4th. Please email your submissions and questions to the conference committee at

Schedule and additional information will be posted at: http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/easgsc/Main.html

Posted by zzhu at October 9, 2008 10:35 PM