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October 28, 2008

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Chinese Law (French Association for Chinese Studies)

Etudes chinoises Vol. XXVIII (2009) Special issue on “Chinese Law?
法國漢學 - 2009年, 28輯 - 法律專刊

Dear colleagues,

In preparation for the 2009 issue of Etudes chinoises (“Chinese Studies?), the French Association for Chinese Studies is planning to publish a special issue dedicated to “Chinese Law?. As you already know, China legal studies have grown up steadily during the past years: plentiful works have been published, and many projects are under way. In such a perspective, Etudes chinoises hopes to contribute to the development of this research field in the form of a special issue dedicated to “Law? in its largest meaning.

Etude chinoises’ editors invite contributors to submit papers focusing on legal history per se, on legal thought, on judicial practice, and will also welcome papers stemming from these research fields or using Chinese legal or judicial sources. Etudes chinoises being a general-interest publication, this special issue is not bound to any temporal limit and we hope to receive papers on imperial as contemporary China.

Thereby, it would be a privilege to receive your contribution. Thank you by advance for also broadcasting the present call for papers to any scholar potentially interested in our proposal.
In order to make possible the accomplishment of this special issue, please inform us as soon as possible of your decision to submit a paper.
The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2009. All articles must be in English or French and follow the general guidelines for Etudes chinoises (in French on our website). For any question or enquiry, please contact us at claude.chevaleyre@college-de-france.fr

Respectfully yours,

The editorial board of Etudes chinoises

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