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October 17, 2008

Call for proposals - Trehan India Initiative Summer Grants

Announcing the Trehan India Initiative – Summer Grants
Grants for student projects in India, Summer 2009

Urbanization is one of the defining elements of change in contemporary India, and will shape Indian society and its role in the global arena in the decades to come. The United Nations estimates that the country’s urban population will nearly double to reach 586 million by 2030. This urbanization is taking place as the country grapples with the dramatic challeng¬es and promise presented by economic liberalization and exposure to global flows of people, ideas, finance and invest¬ment, and media. What does India’s urban future mean for its identity as a nation, and what challenges will this transition present for its people?
The Center for South Asian Studies (CSAS), with the support of the Trehan Foundation, is offering up to five grants (up to $4000 each) to support graduate student projects that explore these questions during the summer of 2009. These grants are part of the theme year at CSAS titled State, Space, and Citizenship: Indian Cities in the Global Era.
We are interested in proposals from across the social sciences, humanities and professional schools that can shed light on what India’s urban transformation means for its culture, arts, politics, society, environment, and economy.
The grants must be used for travel expenses to and from India and for living expenses while there.
Award recipients will enroll in a one credit directed study during the Winter semester of 2009, during which they will work closely with faculty at CSAS to further develop the proposal submitted for the fellowship and to prepare for fieldwork. Students will also have an opportunity to network with scholars in India through our contacts with universities and research centers there. Upon their return from India, award recipients will have the opportunity to enroll in a seminar course during the Fall semester of 2009 that will provide a chance to further develop their ideas and write papers based on their findings.

To apply for an award, please submit the following materials by December 1, 2008:
• A one-page cover letter with your full contact information that explains why you are interested in
conducting this work and any prior experience you may have that is relevant to your proposal.
• One copy of your transcript from the University of Michigan (unofficial copy is acceptable).
• A two-page proposal detailing the research question or hypothesis of your study, the methods to be employed, and the contribution of your project to theory and/or practice in your field.
• One confidential Letter of Recommendation from your graduate academic advisor, to be e-mailed
directly by the advisor to the e-mail below.
Award recipients will be notified by January 1, 2009. Please submit all materials to TrehanSummer2009@umich.edu.
Address the application to the Trehan India Initiative Theme Year Coordinators.

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