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October 15, 2008

CIBE Faculty Research Funding

Awards for Faculty Research in International Business
Application Guidelines for 2009

The Center for International Business Education (CIBE) announces its faculty research awards for 2009. This competition is open to all full-time faculty in all University of Michigan schools and departments. For more information contact Brad Farnsworth, CIBE Director, at 936-3917 or at bradleyd@umich.edu. Applications will be accepted until 17 November 2008.

Award Criteria

Awards are made by the CIBE executive committee. Faculty from all disciplines are eligible, including political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, communications, psychology, engineering, law, public policy, public health, and education, as well as all business disciplines. The committee uses the following criteria, presented in their order of importance:

1. The extent to which the project makes an original, practical, and significant addition to our knowledge and understanding of international business.

2. Cost-effective and realistic design of the research project. Research methodologies, the qualifications of the applicant(s), and the project budget will be taken into account.

3. The extent to which the project contributes to the professional development of the faculty participants.

Samples of funded proposals are available upon request.

Allowable Expenses

Awards will be for amounts up to $15,000 annually for a period of one to three years. The following expenses are allowable:

1. Data collection expenses, including purchases of primary data and publications, subscription fees, duplication costs, software, and on-line search charges. Greater detail is required when data collection is outsourced to non-University institutions or individuals. Purchase of equipment (e.g., laptops) is not allowable.

2. Travel, both domestic and international, including transportation, meals, and accommodations.

3. Research assistants, who must be compensated according to University of Michigan guidelines. Applicants must explain why any departmental allocations for research support are not sufficient to complete the project.

Application Guidelines

The application has three parts:
1. Research narrative, maximum of two thousand words. Describe your research objectives, the design of the project, your qualifications and those of any collaborators, and the research output to be generated. Explain your motivation for pursuing the project and the contribution the proposed research will make to your career development.

2. Detailed one page budget and justification. Adhere to the allowable expenses described above. Provide short explanations of unusual items. Be sure to include any other committed or potential funding sources in your budget. You only need to show a budget for the first year of multi-year projects. Expenditures for the first budget may begin on 1 January 2009 and must conclude by 31 December 2009.

3. Curriculum vitae for all faculty participants.

Mail proposal to:

Vicki Simon
Center for International Business Education
Ross Business School
701 Tappan Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

Or email proposal to vicsimon@umich.edu

Proposals may be submitted on or before 17 November 2008. The committee meets in early December, and decisions are announced before the semester break.

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