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October 01, 2008

International Travel Registry

The U-M Travel Registry helps facilitate communications in the event
of emergency situations for faculty, staff and students traveling
outside the United States for activities related to the University,
such as study, research, participation in sponsored projects or
programs, or other business. The Registry has helped to identify and
locate individuals in a number of urgent situations, including subway
bombings in London.

1. Individuals traveling outside the United States for any
University-related activity are strongly advised to provide emergency
contact information through this on-line registry, which is located on
the webpage of the International Travel Oversight Committee:
http://www.umich.edu/~itoc/. Individual travelers are asked to
register trips on-line and provide itinerary and contact information
both in the US and abroad. Faculty, staff, and students are reminded
to register their travel and to keep the information current.

2. Faculty are also reminded that University policy requires faculty
leading groups of students abroad to provide to the dean or the dean's
representative with the following information prior to departure:

-Names of students, faculty and/or staff who will be traveling.

-Flight information.

-Complete itinerary and contact information, including telephone
numbers and addresses for hotels or other places of residence.

-A plan for maintaining communication with the University during the trip.

Faculty are required to register group travel information with the
on-line U-M Travel Registry.

In the event of an emergency, the information in the Travel Registry
may be accessed by the Department of Public Safety and the
International Travel Oversight Committee to facilitate communication.

This website is secure against unauthorized access to information. All
personal information is deleted automatically 30 days after the
registered date of return to the U.S.

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