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October 03, 2008

JING Qicheng, Professor of Psychology, Dies at 82

The CCS community mourns the passing of Professor Jing, pioneering researcher in Chinese psychology, long-time friend and collaborator to many at U-M.

Notice from Prof. Kan Zhang to the colleagues around the world:

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for your condolences for the loss of Professor Jing and your interest in attending the funeral services on October 8, 2008. Following the traditions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the wishes of Professor Jing’s survivors, friends and colleagues from outside of Beijing are not encourage to attend the funeral or other services. Your condolences as well as flowers, wreaths, or a memorial verse are welcome.
For those who would like to send flowers or a wreath, please just let us know, we will arrange this in your name; please do not send any funds to us.
For condolences, lines of verse or other written notes to convey your respect to Professor Jing and condolences to his family please use email to: Miss Duan Huang, huangd@psych.ac.cn
A commemorative book/autograph book will be issued in due time; and articles and photos from international friends are welcomed for this purpose.
Thank you for sharing this difficult time with us. Your friendship to Professor Jing, his family and Chinese psychologists are deeply appreciated. Please check our websites for more information related to the funeral and other services for Professor Jing. I am sorry for that at this time most of the web is still in Chinese except the condolences letters originally in English. We will have the English form as soon as possible.
Web site of the institute: http://www.psych.ac.cn/
Web site of the society: http://www.cpsbeijing.org/
With best wishes--
Kan Zhang
Director, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
President, Chinese Psychological Society

Dear Colleagues,
I have to report to you a very bad news that our great teacher, your long time friend, Professor Jing passed away suddenly by heart attack yesterday around noon when he was attending the 60 years ceremony of teaching of Professor Houcan Zhang, at Beijing Normal University. He was not suffering from any pain.
His survivors are his wife Professor Wang, his two sons, his daughter and his grand children. They all went to the hospital at the first time after knowing the situation of professor Jing. All of the directors of the institute and most of leader of psychology in China were at the hospital, they came as professor Jing did, for the ceremony of professor Zhang's 60 year anniversary of teaching.
We are all in sudden shock and deep grief.
I am going to visit his family to learn their opinions on the arrangements for a funeral.
I will keep you posted.

Posted by zzhu at October 3, 2008 04:31 PM