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December 04, 2008

Winter 2009 China Courses, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

China-content courses (undergraduate and graduate level):
• Early Civilizations
• Globalizing Consumer Cultures
• Image-Based Ethnography
• Junior/Senior Colloquium for Concentrators - Empire and Nation in Asia
• Modern East Asia
• Introduction to the Study of Asian Religions
• Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
• Introduction to the Study of Asian Cultures
• Modern China and Its “Others?
• Arts & Letters of China
• Topics in Asian Studies: East Asian Horror Films
• Acupuncture: Historical and Contemporary Transformations
• Law & Society in China
• China's Evolution Under Communism
• Interpreting the Zhuangzi
• Seminar in Chinese Drama - The Peony Pavilion Old and New: The Politics of Cross-Cultural Theater (and Fiction)
• Legal Strategy for IPR Protection in China
• The World Economy
• China Humanistic Studies
• Independent Study – China
• Master's Thesis in Chinese Studies
• Seminar in Journalistic Performance
• The Chinese Renaissance: Cultural Transformations in Eleventh-Century China
• Imperial China: Ideas, Men, and Society
• Seminar: Studies in Late Imperial China
• The Chinese Corporation
• Intro to World Music
• Special Course – Kunqu
• Approaches to Chinese Landscape Painting
• The Bildungsroman in Modern East Asia

Language courses:
• First-year Chinese II
• Second-year Chinese II
• Reading and Writing Chinese II
• Mandarin Pronunciation
• Third-year Chinese II
• Advanced Spoken Chinese II
• Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers II
• Media Chinese I
• Fourth-year Chinese I
• Chinese for the Professions II
• Readings in Modern Chinese Society and Culture
• Literary Chinese II

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