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January 21, 2009

International Institute Individual Fellowships

Description: The International Institute Individual Fellowships are designed to support University of Michigan students, regardless of citizenship, who are enrolled in a degree program and wish to participate in internships or conduct research abroad. Award amounts are up to $5,000.

Eligibility Criteria: University of Michigan undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students are eligible, regardless of citizenship. Applicants must be enrolled in a degree program. Ph.D. candidates and students graduating before the start of the project are not eligible. Eligible internship or research projects must be at least one month in length, constitute at least a 30-hour-per-week time commitment (exclusive of language training), and meet all requirements of the University Travel Policy and the Institutional Review Board.

Deadline Date: Monday, February 16, 2009

Project Categories
Internships: Funding is available for undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students to participate in internships abroad. Internships can be with private companies, government agencies, international organizations. or non-governmental organizations. The International Institute cannot assist applicants in obtaining internship placements. Internships can be paid or unpaid, but students with paid internships must include their salary amounts in their budgets, and are eligible only for partial funding.
Research Projects: The fellowship also supports undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students who are doing research abroad as part of their degree program. For the purposes of this award, research is defined as thesis research, participation in an on-going research project as part of a required degree-related work experience, or other independent research toward degree requirements. The research project does not have to be for academic credit.
Preliminary Dissertation Research: Additionally, the award provides support for preliminary visits to prospective overseas dissertation sites by graduate students who are planning doctoral research on topics in area and international studies. These awards are intended to enable students to develop a firm foundation for their research. Doctoral students must not have reached candidacy by the time they begin this research award.
Deadline: The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 16, 2009. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
Submission: Submit one copy of each of the following items in hard copy (do not use staples or paperclips) to the University of Michigan International Institute, 1080 South University, Suite 2660, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106 (The International Institute is located on the 2nd floor of the School of Social Work Building at the corner of East and South University):
• The International Institute Individual Fellowship application form, which must be filled out completely and signed by the applicant. Every applicant must clearly indicate their academic level, their enrollment status, and whether they are requesting funds primarily for an internship or for research.
• A proposal (a maximum of two pages, single-spaced, 12-pt. font). Internship proposals must include information on how this experience will benefit the applicant's academic program and his or her career plans upon completion of the U-M degree. Research proposals must describe the project and discuss its rationale, objectives, design, and methodology, as well as the projected benefits of the trip. If the applicant will be working with an established research project, a description of the organization and the activities in which he or she will be engaged must be included.
• A letter of invitation is required only for internship applicants. It must be a letter or e-mail from the host organization describing the organization, the specific work, and the financial terms of the internship. Research applicants may submit a letter of invitation if it is pertinent. (e.g., a letter from a faculty member at a university abroad acknowledging and supporting the applicant's plans or offering research oversight, or a letter from an archive granting access, etc.)
• A budget, which must include the total estimated cost for travel, lodging, food, visa fees, immunizations, and research materials. The total amount may exceed the maximum award.
• A resume or curriculum vitae
• A U-M transcript. An unofficial transcript is acceptable. Transfer students may, but are not required to, submit transcripts from their previous institutions.
• One letter of reference. The referee should be a faculty member in the applicant’s department. The referee should comment on the applicant’s ability to carry out the internship or proposed research project, the feasibility of the proposal, and the contribution it will make to the applicant’s academic program and career. It must be submitted in a sealed envelope signed across the flap or e-mailed to akehoe@umich.edu from the referee.
Reporting Requirements: Grantees will be required to provide a brief report (2–5 pages) within one month of their return to the United States. The report should outline the internship experience, and should be emailed to akehoe@umich.edu. Grantees are also encouraged to write an article or submit photographs (or both) to be considered for publication in the Journal of the International Institute.
Review Process: A selection committee comprised of faculty and staff from across the University will evaluate the applications on the following criteria: feasibility, relevance to degree program, relevance to career goals, record of academic achievement, and overall quality of the application. The International Institute does not provide feedback to applicants on the quality of their proposals, nor provide applicants with evaluators' comments. This is a very competitive fellowship. Applicants should not assume they will receive an award, and should not purchase airline tickets before the awards are announced if they cannot cover the cost from other sources. Results will be announced by mid-April 2009.
Contact: Amy Kehoe (akehoe@umich.edu)
Application Form: Download Document, or go to web http://www.ii.umich.edu/

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