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April 07, 2009

Fall 2009 China Courses, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

China-content courses (undergraduate and graduate levels):
• Chinese Society and Cultures
• Introduction to Buddhism
• Introduction to the Study of Asian Cultures
• Undergraduate Seminar in Chinese Culture - The Story of the Stone
• Introduction to Chinese Civilization
• The Pursuit of Happiness in the Chinese Tradition
• Topics in Asian Studies - Narratives of Desire by Modern Chinese Women Writers
• Seminar in Chinese Poetry - Introduction to Chinese Poetry from the Earliest Times through the 12th-Century
• A Comparative Study of Asia
• Social Scientific Studies of Historical and Contemporary China
• Independent Study in Chinese Studies
• Master's Thesis in Chinese Studies
• Ancient Languages and Scripts
• Comparative Literary Movements and Periods – Regarding China
• Painting and Poetry in China
• Special Topics - Art and Authoritarianism
• Special Studies in the Art of China - The Twentieth Century Response to Theories of Artistic Expression in China
• The Writing of History - Good Sons, Good Daughters: Filial Piety (xiao) in Early China
• East Asia: Early Transformations
• China from the Oracle Bones to the Opium War
• History Colloquium – Confucianism, Mohism, and Legalism and the Rise of the Chinese Empire
• Introduction to the Comparative Study of History
• Honors Social Sciences Seminar – Forces Shaping the Future International System
• China’s Evolution Under Communism
• Democratization in Global Perspectives
• The World Economy
• Business in Asia
• China's International Relations
• China: Early 21st Century Ruralopolitan Space

Fall 2009 Chinese Language Courses
• First Year Chinese I
• First Year Chinese for Mandarin Speakers
• First Year Tibetan I
• Second Year Chinese I
• Second Year Chinese for Mandarin Speaker
• Third Year Chinese I
• Third Year Chinese for Mandarin Speakers
• Advanced Spoken Chinese I
• Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers I
• Fourth Year Chinese I
• Chinese for Professions I
• Academic Chinese I
• Literary Chinese I

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