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May 04, 2009

Top ten CCS blog entries of the term

Historic Firsts:
1. The first presentation of the Winter 2009 CCS Tuesday Noon Lecture Series: Yiching Wu, "Coping with Crisis in the Wake of the Cultural Revolution: Toward a Historical Critique of China’s Postsocialist Condition," January 20, 2009. Those who attended this talk will not soon forget this day since together they also watched the live broadcast of the inauguration of President Barack Obama right before Professor Wu took to the lectern.

2. On the same day, Kenneth Lieberthal visited Phoenix TV's Washington studio as guest commentator on US-China relations.

3. Learn all about Hillary Clinton's first trip to China as Secretary of State via this blog entry; read about the two major reports (one from The Asia Society and the other from The Brookings Institution) on US-China cooperation on energy and climate change released just prior to this trip. U-M faculty and alumni who wrote or helped to write these reports include Elizabeth Economy, Jan Berris, and Kenneth Lieberthal.

Spotlights and Highlights:
4. Spin the colorful 3-D carousels to browse recent books by CCS faculty.

5. The Chronicle of Higher Education explores US-China academic collaborations on social sciences, and the UM-Peking University Joint Institute's contributions to these efforts are profiled. CCS faculty associates James Lee and Jersey Liang are interviewed.

6. Silk Road Week at U-M and Ann Arbor, March 9-14, 2009.

7. The New York Times interviews China-studies alumna Elizabeth Perry on sensitive anniversaries in China. After reading the article, tell us what you think by taking the CCS poll!

8. Chairman Mao as a political and pop icon - select images from Xiaobing Tang's inaugural lecture as the Helmut F. Stern Professor of Chinese Studies are available on the blog.

Looking Ahead:
9. The 2009 University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies Photo Competition – Open Competition and Student Competition – check out our biggest prize offerings yet!

10. Twenty-seven courses with significant China-studies content and 13 Chinese-language courses are scheduled for the Fall 2009 academic term; and the list might grow in coming months. See the list of exciting courses, including "Undergraduate Seminar in Chinese Culture - The Story of the Stone," "China from the Oracle Bones to the Opium War," "China's Evolution Under Communism," and "Business in Asia." A selection of course flier can be found throughout the CCS blog.

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