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November 11, 2009

CCS Photo Contest Exhibit - EXTENDED THROUGH NOVEMBER, 2009

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2009 CCS Photo Competition Results

Student Competition
First place: Marilyn Mai – "Beijing’s B-boys"
Second place: Brett Linowes – "Gossip Girls"
Third place: Elizabeth Yarina – "Construction Tags"
Honorable mention:
• Jennifer Dai – "Colonel Sanders in the Mountains of Yangshuo"
• Elaine Denny – "Yak Milk Tea and Satellite TV"
• Lai Sze Tso – "Family Planning"

Open Competition:
First place: Thomas Talhelm – "Living Protest"
Second place:
• Cameron Campbell – "Bar in a Hutong Neighborhood"
• Marilyn Mai – "Human Dignity and the Future of the Country"
Third place:
• Xuezhao Lan – "The Streets of Old Dali"
• Wei Ping Teoh – "Wuzhen: The Past in the Present"
• Lingyun Xu – "Mao: Serve the People"
Honorable mention:
• Mike Anderson – "The View from Mt. Emei"
• Marilyn Mai – "This Used to be Home"
• Mary Ann Ray – "Huang Rui and Mao Mao"

All entries in the final round of the competition, including the winnings ones, can now be viewed online in the CCS Press Room.

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