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December 17, 2009

Select images from Wang Zheng's CCS noon lecture

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Several compelling covers of the official magazine Women of China, presented in Professor Wang's talk, entitled Revealing Erasures: Visual Representation of Women of China: 1949-2009.

The first group of female pilots trained in new China.

Representatives of the First National People's Congress (the second plenary meeting). The head of an agricultural collective in Jilin Province, Jin Xinshu (ethnic Korean), the exemplary woman who supported the army, martyr Huang Jiguang’s mother Deng Fangzhi, and the textile model worker Yi Shijuan.

Work hard for the second Five-Year Plan.

Picking tea leaves

A woman welder

Zhu Linmei, the head of the fifth team of Tongxin Brigade of Yanqiao People’s Commune in Pudong County, Shanghai.

Li Shulan broke five world records in archery.

Model militia Zhang Guijiao of Yeping Commune, Ruijin County, Jiangxi Province.

Nine "Iron Girls" in Xiading Jia Brigade, Huang County, Shandong Province.

Dating in the late afternoon.

Actor Zhou Jie

Actor Sun Li

The first commercial magazine Good Housekeeper of the Press of Women of China.

The second commercial magazine of the Press of Women of China.

The third commercial magazine of the Press of Women of China.

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