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December 23, 2009

The Best of Fall 2009

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Detroit and Beyond:
1. Ross Business School Professor of Strategy and CCS faculty associate Linda Lim explains the Obama administration's new tariff on Chinese tires; Nicholas Lardy and Kenneth Lieberthal shed more light on the issue.

2. U-M auto expert Bruce Belzowski discusses Buick's enduring popularity in China and the rise of the Chinese auto industry.

3. Michigan eyes China as top export market.

Spotlights and Highlights:
4. A U-M researcher finds serious flaws in China's Green Dam software filter and another develops a tool disabling the censorware functionality.

5. A CCS blog "Best of…" honoring Kenneth Lieberthal's retirement.

6. Another first for the CCS blog: Livestream of President Obama's Shanghai town hall.

7. The 2009 CCS Photo Competition – over 100 entries, more than 50 on display and many happy winners.

8. The personal and professional experiences of Bright Sheng, Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor of Composition and CCS faculty associate, are in focus.

9. Women of China: revolution and evolution of a magazine - select images from Professor Wang Zheng's CCS noon lecture are now available.

Looking Ahead:
10. Thirty-one courses with significant China-studies content and 16 language courses are scheduled for the Winter 2010 academic term; and the list might grow in coming months.

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