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December 23, 2009

Winter 2010 China-studies courses

Courses with significant China content:
• From Genghis Khan to the Taliban: Modern Central Asia
• Globalizing Consumer Cultures
• Modern East Asia
• Introduction to the Study of Asian Religions
• Great Books of China
• Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
• Introduction to Modern Chinese Culture
• The Arts and Letters of China
• Modernism and Modernity in East Asian Fiction
• Science in Premodern China
• Languages of Asia
• Topics in Asian Studies: Principles of Self-Cultivation in Chinese Cultures
• Junior/Senior Colloquium for Concentrators: Contemporary Asian Controversies
• Topics in Asian Studies: The Question of Modernity
• Topics in Asian Studies: Readings in Late Qing and Republican Period Buddhism
• Topics in Asian Studies: What is Literature? A Critical History of Reading and Writing in East Asia
• Humanistic Studies of Historical and Contemporary China
• Independent Study in Chinese Studies
• Master's Thesis in Chinese Studies
• Seminar in Journalistic Performance: Global Media and Press Freedom
• Junior Proseminar: Liberty and the Natural Garden: Intercultural discourse at the Dawn of the Modern Age
• First Year Seminar: Women in Modern China
• The Chinese Renaissance: Cultural Transformations in Eleventh-Century China
• Imperial China: Ideas, Men, and Society
• History Colloquium: Ideal and Empires Chinese History
• History Colloquium: History of Christianity in East Asia
• Topics in History: Gender and Modernity: China and India
• Aging and Health
• Chinese Law & Legal Institutions
• Intro World Music
• Special Topics in Gender in a Global Context: Feminist Activism as a Global Phenomenon

Language courses:
• Literary Chinese II
• First Year Chinese II
• First Year Tibetan II
• Second Year Chinese II
• Second Year Chinese for Mandarin Speakers
• Mandarin Pronunciation
• Second Year Tibetan II
• Third Year Chinese II
• Third Year Chinese for Mandarin Speakers
• Advanced Spoken Chinese II
• Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers II
• Media Chinese I
• Fourth-Year Chinese I
• Chinese for the Professions II
• Academic Chinese I
• Advanced Classical Tibetan II
• Intermediate Modern Tibetan II

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