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February 24, 2010

Latest news from Jidong Yang, Head of U-M Asia Library

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Dear all,

I would like to bring to your attention some of the major digital resources acquired by Asia Library during the last year. You can find links to all the resources below from my resource guide for Chinese studies: http://guides.lib.umich.edu/chinesestudies. The guide contains several tabs (categories). For each of the resources, I shall indicate the tab where you can find it.

1) Chinamaxx Digital Library 中文集献 (under “E-Books”). This is the US version of the Superstar Digital Library 超星数字图书馆, the largest Chinese digital library. The online collection contains millions of titles, most of which are monographs published in the PRC since the 1950s. If you need any e-book from the collection, you can either email the title to me or make a purchase suggestion online. Chinamaxx is especially useful when you are looking for out-of-print Chinese books, serials, and monographic series. For detailed instruction on how to search and use Chinamaxx, see: http://guides.lib.umich.edu/data/files2/57385/Instruction%20Chinamaxx.pdf.

2) Duxiu Knowledge Search 读秀学术搜索 (under “E-Books”). You can think of Duxiu as a Chinese Google Book Search with much better OCR accuracy. It’s a search engine built by Superstar Digital Library on its massive e-book and e-journal collection. It allows you to view up to 50 pages of any search result, which are in most cases more than enough for citation purposes. But if you still need the full-length book after reading the 50 pages, we can purchase it for you and load it to the Chinamaxx site.

3) Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations 中文電子學位論文 (under “E-Books”). It contains MA and PhD theses from most Taiwan universities. Many of the theses are available in full-text. Please note that this database only covers Taiwan. If you need MA and PhD theses from mainland China, please use the “Dissertations of China” database (also under “E-Books” tab).

4) Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services 臺灣電子期刊服務網 (under “E-Journals”). Full-text database of most mainstream academic journals published in Taiwan, such as 中央研究院歷史語言研究所集刊, 近代史研究所集刊, 中國大陸研究, 民俗曲藝. Keep in mind, however, you need to input traditional Chinese characters to search in this database, just as you do in the previous database.

5) National Palace Museum Online 故宮缐上 (under “Databases”). It contains digital images of many artifacts collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Categories include paintings, calligraphy, pottery-porcelain, jade, bronze, Buddhist arts, and others.

6) China Law Info 北大法律信息网. The most comprehensive full-text database of PRC laws, regulations, and legal cases. It has two versions: Chinese and English, but the contents and coverage are not exactly the same. When searching in the English version, be careful with those that have a different form in British English, such as centre, labour, etc. Inputting both forms is a good idea.

All the resources listed above are only accessible to U-M users. If you are using them from off-campus locations, please use the links in my resource guide so that your U-M affiliation can be verified. Another way to access the resources from off-campus is to find their bibliographic records in Mirlyn (the library’s online catalog) and then click on the “Available Online” link. All the resources can be retrieved in Mirlyn by their English titles. If you have any questions and need help in using them, please feel free to contact me.

We will continue to build our e-collection. I already have some major items on my radar such as the full-text online version of People’s Daily, but will appreciate your ideas and suggestions on how to spend our money!

Jidong Yang
Asia Library

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