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June 13, 2011

Conference on Chinese Women and Visual Representation

International Conference on Chinese Women and Visual Representation
Call for Papers

China had rich visual arts in history. With the introduction of new media during the past century, visual representation has rapidly become a dynamic and diverse cultural field that has yet to be adequately studied. In order to examine the transformation of visual culture from a historical perspective as well as promote visual culture studies in China, we have decided to host an international conference on visual representation. We propose to take "the transformation of visual images of Chinese women in cultural representation" as the starting point to explore the changes of visual culture from the late Qing Dynasty to the present. We will focus on the role of Chinese women in visual cultural transformation of various Chinese communities in and outside China in order to promote and integrate new perspectives and methods in both gender studies and visual culture studies. The conference also aims to facilitate comparative study of visual culture of various Chinese societies over the last century, stimulate contemporary cultural criticism, and encourage academic and artistic exchange among Chinese women in the Mainland and other regions.

The international conference on "Chinese Women and Visual Representation" is jointly organized by scholars at home and abroad, and will mainly focus on the following topics:

• The relationships between the transformation of Chinese women’s visual representation and the transformation of society, economy, and culture
• Visual arts and the representation of diverse identities of women
• Visual representation and social movements
• Comparative study of film and visual arts by Chinese women in various regions
• Feminist film and visual arts/feminist critique of film and visual arts
• Women’s sexuality and visual culture
• Gender and visual representation on the internet
• Gender representation in transnational media

A visual arts exhibition will be held to display various types of art produced by women. Scholars, artists and activists in and outside China are welcome to participate. The language of the conference will be Chinese.

Conference venue: School of Journalism, Fudan University, Shanghai

Conference Time: December 16 - 19, 2011

Application Method: Please submit paper abstracts and proposals for panels, forums and exhibitions before July 1, 2011 by email to the Conference Organizing Committee at fdjc985[at]gmail[dot]com. Applicants should include information on their identity and their institutional affiliations as well as their contact information. The Organizing Committee will issue notification of acceptance before August 1. This conference will not require a registration fee, and paper presenters will be provided with room and board.

Contact Phone Number: 021-55664202

Fax Number: 021-55664202

Contact Person: SU Zhuang, GAO Jing-Wen

School of Journalism at Fudan University
University of Michigan/Fudan Joint Institute for Gender Studies
Chinese Society for Women’s Studies
Gender and Development Center at Fudan University
jointly issued on March 8, 2011

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