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June 23, 2011

Visit to the China Central Academy of Fine Art Exhibition on Chinese Traditional Craft

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Learn more about the upcoming kite festival at U-M!

U-M School of Art & Design faculty member Anne Mondro, guest blogger:

To become a master of one's craft means more than becoming a skilled maker. It involves passion. It involves understanding how your body moves and thinks. It is about having a conversation with a material to the point that you can answer each other's sentences.

Yesterday we Had the opportunity to see an exhibition of traditional Chinese handcrafts at the China Central Academy of Fine Art. Master Ha's dragon kite immediately captured my attention with it dynamic presence. Turning my attention to the walls I Was drawn to study each and every kite by my teacher and then to the amazingly intricate paper cuts, gourd etchings, and these delicate painted bottles with traditional Chinese scenes. Upon closer investigation we find out the images are actually painted on the interior of the bottles. Meeting several of the masters and hearing about the significance of the crafts brought a greater appreciation for the Chinese culture.

Posted by zzhu at June 23, 2011 02:31 PM