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October 24, 2011

Call for papers: 2012 East Asia Forum, University of Toronto

The East Asia Forum is a refereed multi-disciplinary journal published annually by the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada.

With contributions from graduate students the world over, the EAF enjoys a reputation for producing original graduate-level research that is at the forefront of the field of East Asian Studies.

We are currently seeking original academic papers on the theme of Deception. Establishing as our starting point the distinction between truth and falsehood, we are interested in the question of how and to what purposes that distinction might be intentionally blurred. We welcome contributions that discuss the human, and also non-human, faculty to deceive, as well as the human potential to be deceived. Deception can take the form of propaganda or a glance, an image or an utterance, a presence or an absence, a ploy or a pledge, an action or a silence. The question of deception invites a multitude of discussions: political, linguistic, artistic, cultural, historical, anthropological, philosophical, psychological, and many more besides. Thus we welcome papers from any and all disciplines willing and able to engage academically in the issues, intricacies, and illuminations of the topic of deception in an East Asian context, from the ways deception is defined and figured in East Asian societies and cultures, to the very workings of deception in the figuring and definition of East Asia.

Sponsored by the Department of East Asian Studies, whose aim is to promote interdisciplinary research relating to East Asia while encouraging a cross-regional approach, the EAF seeks submissions that strive to go beyond the cultural idioms traditionally used in discussions of East Asia.

All contributions are peer-reviewed and are subject to final approval by the editorial committee. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2011.

Please consult the section “Notes to Contributors” given in the link below for stylistic and submission requirements: http://www.eaf.asiapacificreader.org/note

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