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January 17, 2012

Free concert of Chinese pop songs! Saturday, January 21, 2012

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The Mandarine Invasion (TMI) is an all-student band formed during the time of Spring Festival in 2010. This band is a real diverse mix - members are from China, Indonesia, the U.K., and the U.S., giving their performance a unique touch of cultural blend. Prior to the formation of TMI, lead singer Xi Chen, who is pursuing a PhD in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences at U-M and widely recognized as a rock star in Ann Arbor, was the lead singer and guitarist of the great phenomenon Three Reminiscing Idiots, a band that reached a high level of popularity in the Chinese and international communities of Ann Arbor with their original and versatile performances. After some band members graduated, Xi formed TMI with lead guitarist Jie Hou, a graduate student in U-M Computer Science and Engineering, and Willy Kaye, a graduate student in Nuclear Engineering, also at U-M. They have been active on campus and at nearby universities such as Michigan State University.

Vocal/Guitar: Xi Chen
Guitar: Jie Hou
Bass: David Roberts
Keyboard: William Kaye
Drum: Lill Likk

Join us this Saturday, January 21, 2012 @ 7pm!
Performance venue: Pierpont Commons – Commons Café, 2101 Bonisteel, Ann Arbor
Free admission and free food! Interactive sessions and prizes!
English translation of lyrics will be provided.
Link up with TMI on facebook:

Attend the event page:
Let's Rock!我们期待您的到来!
Questions can be addressed to mandarineinvasion[at]umich[dot]edu / 424-646-3679




没错!上周末的表演只是一个预告片。本周末才是The Real Deal!在密西根孔子学院(Confucius Institute)和中国学生和学者联谊会(CSSA)的大力支持下,橘子入侵乐队为您打造了一场三小时长,十余首曲目的音乐大餐。我们将从70年代跨越到90年代,用音乐带您度过一段穿越时光的旅程。咖啡厅就是我们的舞台,大家共同欢唱,和我们自己的乐队一起,让北校区摇滚起来吧!

贝斯: David Roberts
键盘: William Kaye
鼓手: Lill Likk

时间: 2012年1月21日
地点: 北校区 Pierpont Commons 2楼 Cafe

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