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July 30, 2012

Job opening at Eurasia Foundation

China Program Analyst (Refer to Job # Dcny412)

Job Location: Washington, DC 20036

Job Duties: Primarily responsible for China related operating or grant making program design, proposal preparation, program implementation, budget management, monitoring and evaluation, program reporting and donor relations.

- Master’s degree in public administration, business administration, int’l development or other related fields;
- In-depth understanding of social and economic issues in China, & graduate level course work on strategic planning and non-profit organizations; and
- Washington DC job location but 20% int’l travel.
- F/T

To apply: Send resume to HR, Eurasia Foundation, 1350 Connecticut Ave., NW, #1000, Washington, DC 20036 or email resumes to resumes@eurasia.org. Must refer to Dcny412.


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July 26, 2012

Call for Papers - Re-drawing the Boundaries: Multi-disciplinary Interrogations of State and Society in China

The Haas Junior Scholars Program, in conjunction with the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, is organizing a conference on changing state-society boundaries to be held on October 6th and 7th, 2012.

Recent developments in contemporary China-- the expansion of the internet, new forms of sociality and collective action, the complexity of post-WTO economic reforms, new modes of governance and state adaptation, and so forth -- have changed the grounds upon which state-society relations are constituted and played out. Such processes of liberalization and marketization have also given scholars increased access to institutions and social life in China, generating new perspectives and methodologies from which to explore shifts in state practices.

Thirty years into China’s post-Mao reform and on the eve of the transition to a post-Hu era, this conference thus presents an opportunity to re-examine key underpinnings of the role and functioning of the state in the Reform era. We aim to problematize the notion of “state,” “society” and “market”; and to challenge, interrogate and deconstruct these core concepts, which have long been the building blocks of contemporary humanities and social sciences research in China.

The conference will bring together early-career China scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to explore recent transformations of state power and authority; varying definitional frameworks for discussing the disaggregated Chinese state; and new interdisciplinary lenses to analyze China’s multi-vocal society and state-encumbered market. We encourage submissions that engage with the following themes:

(1) State & Participatory Culture: This theme situates the state within fields of tension between individual agency and societal structures, global flows and local dynamics, and macro-level politics and everyday life experiences.

(2) State in Contentious Politics in the New Millennium: This theme focuses on how the Chinese state deals with challenges from below, particularly how new technologies affect the position, opportunity structures, and strategies of protest groups.

(3) State in the Market: This theme explores how the Chinese state adapts to global economic conditions, and how it adapts global market conditions to local contexts.

(4) Problematizing the State: This theme explores how aspects of collective life are eclipsed when we assume the existence of a “state,” and how different disciplines utilize and critique the concept of the state.

Presentation proposals should be 250 words long. Please send your submission to redrawingboundaries[at]berkeley[dot]edu by August 17th, 2012. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out in late-August, 2012. Limited funding will be made available to presenters. For additional information about the conference, please contact the organizers, or visit the website: http://ieas.berkeley.edu/redrawingboundaries

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