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September 16, 2012

North American Taiwan Studies Association Conference Theme: Taiwan in Theory

The 19th NATSA Annual Conference (NATSA 2013), to be held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, June 21-22, 2013.

The theme of this year's conference is “Taiwan in Theory.” If Taiwan has traditionally been a place for gathering the “raw data” of theories developed elsewhere, we invite innovative graduate students and young scholars from various disciplines to present research which foregrounds the ways that Taiwanese people's social, cultural, economic, and political lives assert their own concerns and themselves contribute to the development of new concepts and frameworks for looking at the world. The full Call for Papers, and more details on the conference can be accessed at the NATSA website.

Two options for participation this year:

1) CALL FOR INDIVIDUAL PAPERS/PANELS. Prospective participants are welcome to submit proposals either for individual papers or three-person panels. This year, we are very excited to hold a series of Special Panels bringing in both senior scholars who study Taiwan, and scholars who study relevant issues in places other than Taiwan, to engage with the new work of graduate students and young scholars. Please note that submitted individual papers may have the opportunity to be placed on one of these panels, organized primarily by discipline. To facilitate your pairing, we ask that in addition to your keywords, you also state a disciplinary preference.

2) CALL FOR DISSERTATIONS. If you have recently completed a dissertation, or are in the process of completing one, please consider applying to participate in the Scholar Panel. This panel, moderated by senior scholars, will provide a longer presentation time. It is a great opportunity to prepare you for the JOB TALK when you enter the job market.

The submission deadline for both options is January 4th, 2013.

In the past, NATSA has been mainly designed for graduate students, both Taiwanese and international. As our community grows, we find it beneficial to be engaged in a larger academic community to further enhance the breadth and depth of our discussion. This year, NATSA is honored to organize our 19th annual meeting with co-assistance of the Center for Taiwan Studies at UCSB and of the Institute of Taiwan History at Academia Sinica. Also, in accordance to NATSA’s promise to inspire scholarly work which pushes Taiwan and Taiwan Studies towards more critical, valuable engagement both scholarly and practically, the new mission of this year, as seen in the conference design, is to offer more performance platforms for young scholars as well as to invite more senior scholars to be involved in our panel discussion. We sincerely believe, the 19th NATSA Annual Conference (NATSA 2013) will become a milestone that demonstrates our serious commitment to contribute to the scholarship of Taiwan Studies.

NATSA is an academic organization run mainly by overseas Taiwanese students. Our mission is to organize the annual conference to address current issues facing Taiwanese society. Entering its 19th year, the NATSA annual conferences have been recognized as the largest academic events on Taiwan Studies in North America. They not only provide scholars and students of Taiwan Studies with a regular forum to meet and exchange intellectual ideas, but also allow researchers on East-Asia and beyond to receive dynamic feedback and broaden their academic horizons.

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