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November 15, 2012

INTRODUCING: An exciting new partnership for the CCS blog!!!

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CCS dual-degree students, Damjan DeNoble (CCS/Law) and Bradley Hoath (CCS/Public Health) are interested in the changing landscape of China's healthcare system. They write and manage Asia Healthcare Blog (AHCB), a website that publishes their analysis of China's senior care sector, its emerging private hospital investment industry, and the ongoing health reforms. All analysis seeks to couch analysis within the wider context of Chinese culture. Their analysis is bolstered by first person interviews, coverage of conferences, and use of serious academic research. Lately they've been increasingly aggregating materials from sources other than AHCB to keep their readers abreast of issues in the China healthcare space.

We introduce their work on AHCB through three recent articles, two of which use the CCS Tuesday Noon Lecture Series as jump-off points for wider discussions about China:

Weaving gold silk for the Steppes, China made globalization harnessable within a lifetime - (Nicola Di Cosmo lecture)

Tea, China’s 1000 Year Old Marketing Success Story - (James A. Benn lecture)

The Need for Mental Health Services in China is Great - Making a case for greater investment into mental healthcare services in China

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