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November 30, 2012

Wanted: Policy analyst interns

China Policy invites policy analyst interns to join our team in Beijing producing ChinaContext—a portal to the interests, ideas and voices in China’s policy arena.

These positions especially suit graduate students interested in combining policy analysis with their thesis research or recent graduates planning on doing a postgraduate degree.

Your duties:
• gather and assess policy analysis in the daily press and weekly journals
• research and write regular China Policy Records on key policy developments in areas of interest to our clients
• translate policy-relevant material from Chinese to English
• assist with developing our China Policy Briefs
• collaborate with research staff on commissioned research

Your expertise:
• at least an undergraduate degree in the social sciences
• excellent Chinese
• good spoken and written English
• enjoy working in a team

You would work with a small team focusing on one of five sectors: governance and law; economy and finance; energy, climate and environment; social policy and external impact.

Positions are usually full-time for 6 months to a year. After a probationary month on a basic stipend, interns usually join the policy analyst team on a regular salary.

Please send resume and references, as well as a cover letter stating your policy sector of interest, to hr[at]policycn[dot]com

齐纳百思咨询有限公司现诚邀政策研究实习生加入我们北京公司,参与到 ChinaContext 的开发与建设中来,为所有对中国政策感兴趣的群体,进一步了 解中国政策领域的观点以及重要声音提供良好平台。

该实习职位最适合有意将政策分析与论文研究相结合的研究生或计划考研的本 科毕业生。

• 收集并且评析平日新闻以及周刊中出现的相关政策分析
• 对中国相关政策的发展进行研究,并对客户感兴趣的政策领域的相关新闻 加以深入分析,以新闻简稿的形式呈现给客户
• 对政策相关的材料进行中翻英
• 协助制作 China Policy Briefs
• 与研究员合作进行委托研究

• 至少拥有社会科学相关专业的本科学历,比如经济学,国际关系,公共管 理等
• 一流的中文
• 优秀的英文写作与表达能力
• 热爱团队合作

我们的研究分为五个领域:政府与法治,经济与金融,能源、气候与环境,社 会政策以及中国对外影响。

该职位一般要求全职并且通常持续半年到一年。在一月试用期内,实习生会获 得基础的津贴补助,之后便会得到与政策研究员一样的基本工资。

请将个人简历、推荐人(references)以及一份英文求职信(信中陈述个人感兴趣的政 策领域),并发送至:hr[at]policycn[dot]com

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