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January 10, 2013

Chinese Folk Pottery Symposium

Saturday, January 26, 2013
Helmut Stern Auditorium
University of Michigan Museum of Art

This symposium will address the presence of Chinese folk pottery in the modern world—its traditions, its methods, its practitioners, and its future. Through the presentation of lectures and films, two distinguished Chinese ceramic artists and a scholar of Chinese art and archeology will offer their knowledge and views of the field, informing our understanding of the role of Chinese folk pottery in historical and contemporary contexts. The Symposium intends to promote a fuller interpretation of this work and a deeper comprehension of its origins, processes, and influences.

The symposium and film coincides with the special presentation of the Chinese Folk Pottery: The Art of the Everyday in the Shirley Chang Gallery of Asian Art, UMMA, through April 2013.

9:45am Introduction / Acknowledgments / Announcements

10am SPEAKER: Dr. Chumei Ho is an art historian of East and Southeast art and archeology, retired from Field Museum, Chicago. She was educated at University of Hong Kong, (BA) and the University of London (Ph.D). She was founder and president of the Chicago Chinese American Museum. The title of her talk is "What is Minyao?”

10:30am Short break

10:45am SPEAKER: Jiansheng Li is an artist, film maker and director of Sanbao Ceramic Institute and Museum, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. His film Tao Yao received the UNESCO film award in France 2008. He will discuss the relationship between folk ceramic painting and that of imperial ware painting, particularly their influences upon one another.

11:15am Film showing: Tao Yao

12noon Lunch break

1:30pm SPEAKER: Lu Bin is an artist and teaches at Nanjing Institute of Art and director of the Shenzhen Academy of Sculpture. His film, Ethnic Minorities of Southwest China, received the Heritage Award at the 7th International Clay Film Festival in Paris. He will discuss his research on the culture and pottery making of the ethnic minority people of southwest China.

2pm Film showing: Ethnic Minorities of Southwest China

2:30pm Short break

MODERATOR: Dr.Margaret Carney is a ceramic historian with a Ph.D. in art history. She was founding director of the Alfred University Ceramic Museum, New York and currently the founding director and curator of the Dinnerware Museum in Ann Arbor.

3:45pm Gallery talk: The Art of the Everyday in the Chinese Gallery, UMMA by Jiansheng Li

4:30pm Reception at UMMA Commons ( RSVP by Jan 18 to Rachel Yang / yangrc@umich.edu )

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