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February 08, 2013

Call for Papers - CCS Annual Conference: Socialist Culture in China Reconsidered

Deadline: March 15, 2013
Please respond to: Professor Xiaobing Tang

With funding support from the University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies, this international conference will provide a platform for scholars to examine multiple dimensions of socialist cultural production in twentieth-century China.

There is no question that cultural products from the socialist period continue to signify and serve many functions in contemporary China, even though the mechanism for their production has been by and large dismantled since the inception of the reform era. There is also evident ambivalence toward the socialist cultural legacy.

This upcoming conference will present multi-disciplinary studies of the aspirations as well as constraints, successes as well as failures, of socialist cultural production. We seek to gain a better understanding of not only a highly complex and experimental period of history, but also the competing forces shaping contemporary Chinese society and culture. We want to situate the Chinese experience in the larger context of “imagineering” modernity in the last century.

In addition to a wide range of cultural products, such as literature, visual arts, cinema, theater, music, performance, architecture, fashion, etc., we are interested in investigating the various institutions, theories, practices, models, and global connections that sustained the cultural production of the socialist period, a period far more extended than the decade of the Cultural Revolution.

Interested scholars are invited to submit a proposal for consideration by the deadline of March 15, 2013, to the conference organizer Xiaobing Tang.

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