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April 02, 2013

Confucius Institute Lecture - Beauty in Jingju (Beijing Opera): Four Character Types and Performing Techniques

by TU Linghui, Professor of the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing
Date: April 05, 2013
Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Location: Pendleton Room, Michigan Union

In the first half of the lecture-demonstration, Linghui Tu will elaborate on and demonstrate the general understanding of the basic elements of the four major character types in Beijing Opera--sheng (males), dan (females), jing (exaggerated males), and chou (clown). In the second half of the lecture-demonstration, she will showcase some of the performing techniques in Beijing Opera, such as singing, stage speech, symbolic movement, and stage combat. There will be time for interaction with the students and for Q&A.

About Beijing Opera:
Jingju (Beijing Opera or Peking Opera) is a form of traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance, acrobatics, and other performing techniques. Although Chinese theater has a long and complex history, Beijing Opera is quite young. It arose in the late 18th century and became fully developed and recognized by the mid-19th century. To promote appreciation for Beijing Opera and to reveal its beauty, this lecture-demonstration elaborates on the historical development of Beijing Opera, and demonstrates the performing techniques in some plays, including "Guifei Zuijiu/The Drunken Concubine," "Shiyuzhuo/Found a Jade Bracelet," and "Xupipa/The New Legend of Pipa: Composing Eighteen Laments."

TU Linghui is a National Class-one Performer. She has won the 4th Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre and the 1st Wenhua Performance Award. She is a professor at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing. Besides being a fine performer, Tu also takes a stab at directing. She is currently a visiting professor of Beijing opera at Binghamton University.

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