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April 18, 2013

Recent media contributions by CCS alumni - updated April 2013

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Damien Ma (MA '06)
Fellow, Paulson Institute

The Rise of China's Reformers?
Why Economic Change Could Come Sooner Than You Think
by Evan A. Feigenbaum and Damien Ma
Foreign Affairs

On China's political transition, October 2012

Damien Ma's other articles on China
in The Atlantic

David Caragliano (JD/CCS MA '09)
Lawyer and international development professional

Why China's 'Real Name' Internet Policy Doesn't Work
The Atlantic

China to Web Users: Great Firewall? Just Be Glad We're Not North Korea
The Atlantic

Is China Really the 80th-Most-Corrupt Country on Earth?
The Atlantic

David Shambaugh (PhD '89, Political Science)
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

David Shambaugh's response to the question "Why Is Chinese Soft Power Such a Hard Sell?"
A ChinaFile conversation
April 11, 2013

David Shambaugh Assesses China, the "Partial Power," at Asia Society, February 27, 2013

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