October 16, 2013

CCS Photo Contest - We have winners!

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Theme: The Zodiac Dragon

First place: Lynne Kogel - Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Dragon

Second place: Christian de Pee - The Power of the Empty Dragon Throne

Third place: Tatjana Aleksic - Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace

Please go to the CCS Facebook page for the List of honorable mentions and the album of all the contest entries!

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November 08, 2012

Joint Photo Exhibit!

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Take a visual break from work/study for a Center for Chinese Studies-Center for Japanese Studies joint photo exhibit at Espresso Royale (324 S. State Street - right on the edge of central campus).

The exhibit is open through December 2012.

Remember CCS friends, we are still accepting photographs for our 2012 Year of the Dragon Photo Contest--just send to ccsphotocontest2012[at]umich[dot]edu. Thank you!

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September 27, 2012

U-M Annual CHINA Photo Contest - deadline extended!

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There is still time to look through your archive of imagery and send PHOTOS of greater China to the Center for Chinese Studies Photo Contest--we will accept photos through November!! If you participated in an internship, studied abroad, conducted research or embarked on an tour, consider submitting your travel photos!

This year's annual photo contest harnesses the dragon--in spirit and imagination, marketing and communication, political events, or the arts. Send up to five photos (300 dpi, printed at 8.5"x11") to ccsphotocontest2012[at]umich[dot]edu. Exhibition times to be announced.

Please click on flier for more complete information:

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September 01, 2011

Enter the 2011 CCS Photo Contest Today!

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Special prizes in celebration of CCS's 50th Anniversary! Deadline has been further extended. Please click on flier to enter TODAY!

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November 03, 2010

2010 CCS Photo Contest Exhibit - Join us for a reception!

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Photo Exhibit Reception
WEDNESDAY, November 10 at 4:00 pm
International Institute Gallery, 1080 South University, SSWB

Refreshments — fall cider, apples, hearth-side donuts

We will announce the winners and applaud all your efforts!

As a student, scholar, traveler, or artist, one’s views about China are constantly shifting. What will the future of China look like—what from the past will contribute to the fabric of tomorrow? How will innovation, politicization, and cultural trends affect everyday life next year, a decade from now, or well into the future? This exhibit shows the many ways in which participants questioned the future and imagined a response.

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September 02, 2010

2010 University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies Photo Contest - OPEN TO ALL - Enter to Win Today!

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Entries are being accepted through Sunday, September 23. If more time is needed, please contact Carol Stepanchuk at cstep [at] umich.edu. Click on flier for all the information you need to win!

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November 11, 2009

CCS Photo Contest Exhibit - EXTENDED THROUGH NOVEMBER, 2009

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2009 CCS Photo Competition Results

Student Competition
First place: Marilyn Mai – "Beijing’s B-boys"
Second place: Brett Linowes – "Gossip Girls"
Third place: Elizabeth Yarina – "Construction Tags"
Honorable mention:
• Jennifer Dai – "Colonel Sanders in the Mountains of Yangshuo"
• Elaine Denny – "Yak Milk Tea and Satellite TV"
• Lai Sze Tso – "Family Planning"

Open Competition:
First place: Thomas Talhelm – "Living Protest"
Second place:
• Cameron Campbell – "Bar in a Hutong Neighborhood"
• Marilyn Mai – "Human Dignity and the Future of the Country"
Third place:
• Xuezhao Lan – "The Streets of Old Dali"
• Wei Ping Teoh – "Wuzhen: The Past in the Present"
• Lingyun Xu – "Mao: Serve the People"
Honorable mention:
• Mike Anderson – "The View from Mt. Emei"
• Marilyn Mai – "This Used to be Home"
• Mary Ann Ray – "Huang Rui and Mao Mao"

All entries in the final round of the competition, including the winnings ones, can now be viewed online in the CCS Press Room.

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April 23, 2009

2009 University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies Photo Contests - Open Competition and Student Competition - Our Biggest Prizes Yet!

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Click on flier for all the information you need to win!

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